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online programs

"Embody your feminine power in a global sisterhood"

unlock your limitations & trauma

release emotional memories from your body


embody the goddess within you

ACCESS To your source


Every program or course we offer are not just a course, it is a portal to your expanded being, this is a process of Feminine alchemy, were we clear all the limitations, obstacles and emotional traumas from our mind and body. Then we can open the portal to access to our source, called "sexual energy".

We consider that the expanded and unleashed sexuality is the gateway of our highest potential. 

This energy sacred and divine, it allow us to build up new states of consciousness and use it towards building our dreams.

Sexual energy is the vital energy and the energy that creates everything that exist.

We will reveal the ancient traditional Taoist practices that enable women to cultivate and embrace their sexual energy by transforming it into creative & healing power.


For thousands of years the sexual principles and techniques were taught by Taoist masters in secret to only a small number of people.


Here we will make this ancient knowledge available to you.


Here we bring sexuality and orgasmic energy back to its sacredness. 


Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your divine source and to information.

 A Journey into liberated sexuality.

Jade egg Practices and more!

5 weeks Online Program

Female sexual energy cultivation.

Traditional Taoist Practice.

Dive deep into INNER sexual cultivation

8 weeks Online Program

Moon Temple

We gather together in sync with the rhythm of the moon at varying times to provide an opportunity for all Moon Sisters a chance to join LIVE. 


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