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"I’m Sandra Raso, and I am here to help you remember the innocence of your nature, and to wake up from this dream we all call life.


I am here to serve my truth through this project.

I am here to tie everything into love.

I offer a safe space for you in which your darkness and pain transmutes, and nourishes your higher self.

Surrender, trust, and let Awoken Woman shape you in unconditional loving ways."

Neuro-linguistic Programming master

BioNeuroEmotion practitioner

Hypnotherapy specialist

Ancient tradition embodiments:

Taoist Tantric Arts

Egyptian Alchemy

Toltec Mexican Red Path



I am the founder of AWOKEN WOMAN, and through this powerful work I bring together quantum physics, and ancient traditional practices.


I have lived and travelled around the world, studying in different schools and varying university subjects, such as; human sciences, metaphysics, shamanism, alchemy and traditional wisdom.


This knowledge has enabled me to dive deeper into ancient cultures, especially the Toltec Mexican wisdom, traditional Taoist practices and Egyptian alchemy. Through this process I have rediscovered myself as a medicine woman and a high priestess.


I propose a work based on understanding the union between science and spirituality as a whole; integrating the unconsciousness, physics, and DNA.  I also place great importance on alchemy and nature’s cycles; all as a path to comprehending more complex levels of the consciousness.


I studied science of communication at a university in Spain. During this period I was part of a student exchange program in Italy, and studied at a university in Vatican City. 

When I finished I was 21, had my university degree and no need to settle, so instead I decided to follow my heart, and keep travelling and exploring the world. At that moment I realized I was starting a journey, a calling; that has become my life now.


My trust in life was increasing with every country I ventured through; Italy, Spain, Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Indonesia... were a big part of the process of finding who I am. And it took me 10 years of travelling the world to realize that all the answers I was searching for lay within me.

Then a near death experience changed my life. For the first time I awakened into many other dimensions, with the understanding that death really does not exist. In this journey I had a multidimensional kundalini awakening. This was an orgasmic experience with the whole universe; I melted into totality, and just my etheric body could see and transcend this physical reality. Through an orgasmic experience I became the entire universe, and we molded into one being. After 12 hours, I thought I was dead and I totally accepted this fact. Then I returned to the body and since then, this project was planted inside me like a seed.

It was after this experience that I understood many codes were being downloaded inside of me. I understood that sexuality is the force that runs life itself. I understood that this energy is sacred. And then my brain started downloading all this information on how to bring back this essence, back to her sacredness.

When I came back to my body, that physical orgasmic state lingered through me for more than three months. So I decided to search for answers through quantum physics, and became a student and lover of epigenetics and bioneuroemotion with the Enric Corbera Institute. I spent six years learning Enric Corbera's teachings. These courses were miraculous and changed my entire life perspective. After all this, I decided to specialize in neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and neuro-sciences. These teachings opened the door for me to understand my spiritual awakening into an intelectual relality.


During my several trips travelling solo around the world, I became so mesmerized by ancient wisdom that I decided to walk deeper into the Toltec Mexican wisdom. I moved to Mexico in search of the silent knowledge, and chose to walk the red path. Along this journey I became a moon dancer and a carrier of an obsidian pipe medicine, and all thanks to my teacher la abuela Tonalmilt. Toltec Mexican wisdom brought a lot of knowledge into my life that changed every aspect of my being. The fusion of my "near death experience" and these practices, has made me experience a unique path of healing, and has given me the ability to dive into other states of consciousness. And as a result I decided to create a project, and bring this knowledge to the West.


Later on I became involved with traditional Taoist practices. My passion and my mission were driven by the fusion of all my studies and practices of science, Toltec Mexican wisdom, and Taoist practices. 


Here Awoken Woman was born! It has been pieced together in a simple manner, so that everyone can explore and understand! This project has evolved just as I have; everyday, and every second. I consider myself a student of life; always learning a new version of reality.

Awoken Woman is a path where divinity and humans become one; where we move from duality to unity. Here we claim the feminine wisdom back to our bodies and realities; this is the awakening of the priestess in you.

I am currently moving this project nationally and internationally, in places such as: Mexico, Spain, California, Canada and Bali.


And all these places have become the base of my life and my work.

My work is simply an extension of how I live.


For more, contact us!

My story

My Story

My mission

My mission is to birth a Modern Mystery School of feminine arts back to our lives.


This is a safe space to heal sexuality, sisterhood  womanhood, relationship with men and money to give them a sacred position in our lives. 

My purpose with Awoken Woman is to help other women find themselves, heal, and be conscious of who they are while they find their life purpose so they can become who they are meant to be.​

For women who are ready to evolve into their higest potential. 


I am devoted to awaken the woman within you.

With love,


Sandra Raso

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