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If you want to dive deeper into this project

In Awoken Woman we serve to those woman that have decides to walk the path of self discovery, self healing and reconexion with their true nature.


This is a call to come back to our source, power, potential and knowledge inside our bodies. This call is to come back to our bodies and feel what is happening in it, recognize those messages and what the path of our inner instincts.

Awoken Woman is a process of feminine alchemy based in the techniques to tune in with the vibration of the universe.

Here we reconsider the importance of redefine our reality, our relationships, and the sexual energy to put it in service of the creation of our lives.

Being conscious of this inner power, we learn to relearn, going through the unconscious patterns that guide our lives and as a result we can access to a different paradigm. Moving from a victimized state in a situation to transform into creators of our reality.

We learn to build up ourselves from our center and our potential. The techniques that we use clean and depurate the mind, emotional and physical bodies.

This is a call to all woman to live from our highest potential, that is alive and hidden under our wounds, minds, emotions and body disharmies. 


We learn to let go the physical blockages, mind blockages and emotional blockages that are part of ourselves and our lives. And once that is done we can open up to the sexual creative energy that lies in our innerbody.

Awoken Woman is an offering to that which is sacred; to that which is beautiful; to that which is the returning of the heart.


Through time tested lineages of embodiment, consciousness, health and beauty practices, we offer keys to unlocking the soul's yearning for expression of it's innate divinity in THIS life, and in THIS body.

This is an offering to the Divine of embodiment through beauty, to the Sacred Arts of sexual energy cultivation, longevity, and worship through Taoism, Tantra and Mexican Toltec wisdom, and finally tuning into our ancient remembrance of the Sacred through Feminine Radiance Rituals, Priestessing and the Wisdom of the Womb.

This feminine alquemy and sacred sexuality is the transfomtion of our own realities into a sacred space, it is the cutting edge beauty were you will find a common root: A deep devotion, rooted in the heart.

As the Feminine essence re-emerges, there is a deep calling and remembrance to cultivate an ancient primordial force that lives within each of us,Shakti.


Shakti is the energy of creation; on a primal level, our sexual energy that when cultivated can lead to experiences of ecstatic union with consciousness itself. Through the time tested lineages of Taoism and Tantra, we unearth maps to awakening, cultivating, and exalting this powerful feminine force.

Releasing the maps, we move into the realms of intuition, mystery and magic. We enter the realms of the Deep Feminine; Navigating life through Her cycles, archetypes, rituals, and symbols; Accessing Her through the powerful portals of our wombs; Allowing ourselves to bloom from Her depths; Remembering the ways of the Priestess.

Awoken Woman is in service to bring these Arts to you through performance, classes, workshops, immersions and retreats.


Our mission is to bring the essence of this wisdom to every sacred being, to every sacred place, and to every sacred moment we have the blessing to encounter.​

The goal is reconnect with the knowledge of our bodies and become conscious creators of our lives.

This is a inner priestess women awakening.

And you? are you ready to walk the path of self discovery?

"Tune in with the loving vibration of the universe"

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