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Womb clearing guided meditation

The Womb is the energetically centre of creation.

Do you want to gift yourself with this activation?


Black Obsidian yoni egg

Obsidian EGG helps release sexual trauma and unlock emotional conflicts from our bodies.

World shipping.



Canadian Nephrite Jade yoni egg

Canadian Nephrite pure Jade, extracted straight from British Columbia jade mines.

This is the most hight quality jade we recomend for the Yoni practices.

World shipping.


Rose Quartz yoni egg


Rose Quartz is the ultimate Love Stone.  


One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, this gentle pink crystal opens the heart to unconditional love – love of self, love of family, love of friends and especially romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing.

World shipping.


Sacred Brazilian Rapeh


The Rapeh o Rapé is a tool of shamanic sacred medicine, a spirit of stellar medicine, which has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin for thousands of years.

You can book a session or buy Rapeh for your own practice.

Connect if you want to know what are the kinds of Rapeh available or to know more about this practice.

World shipping.

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