School of Tantrika Priestess arts


Alumni of The Mystery School

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Awakened Womb
Year 1 Curriculum

"A journey into the ancestral healing and womb temple arts."

"A journey into ancestral healing, sexual sovereignty and Tantrika arts training.
Deep feminine, coming home, joy & magnetism."
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Sacred Woman
Year 2 Curriculum

"A 13 moon journey into priestess arts"

"An in-depth 13 moon journey into Priestess arts and sacred
relationships with oneself and others in service to the world."
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Feminine Leadership Program
Year 3 Curriculum

"Find your voice, trust your power and walk with integrity."

"An in-depth immersion to unite the Holy Grail teachings of wisdom, sacred sexuality and power to build a successful career in coherence with your soul purpose.
Uniting divine feminine and divine masculine forces in sacred union for the service of others."