Sacred feminine mysteries

I am holy, whole and complete.

Once you allow yourself to enter the realms of holiness within yourself you enter the sacred feminine mysteries of the womb.

It is being a long ride to learn how to reborn myself again and again... and it has been painful and messy at times... all this to understand that the darkness was pushing me to the light.

The feminine has been seen as something broken for thousands of years, too much, to emotional, too crazy, too wild...

The feminine can’t be put into a box so she is divine, uncorrupted nature of the scared realms. As the mind can’t understand, intelectual people try to define, but her life depends on the quality of your worshipping.

The Mother is within each one of us, deep into the wombs and she is talking to us, do you listen?

There is an elegant equation in following that call, the only path to soul open lands.

My human awareness has been freaking out during most of this process and now I am learning to be gentle and compassionate with myself.

Humanity is going though a deep purge process of thousands of years of conditioning and the only way is to surrender to divine... I learnt that no everyone is going to understand, your process and what other people think is not of your business anymore.

Some put me in altars, some want to be close, some wants to condemn and crucify me... but I don’t really care about this... I am just sharing my life.

I am just a woman that follows her heart to the depths that I can, surrendering to my inner call and the god self within myself.

I have chosen to find myself as an extension of her, in an infinite peace and I wonder if this is what heavenly realms really feels like.

It has taken me a wild ride to integrate and to find the Holy Spirit poring out of my life... To see myself, to recognize my uncorrupted nature, to ordain myself as sacred and divine.

Here I am sharing these lines, opening up to her realms again.

I am an initiator into the feminine soul, initiating women and men into their soul path, sometimes as an obsidian mirror, sometimes as a shining star... Sometimes I wonder, am I praying or the prayer is paying me?

So I surrender to her again.

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