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The river of Life

Actualizado: 1 oct 2020

The taoist practices is to navigate the river. When we are in the river of Life. As a metaphor imagine that we are in a river and there is people that is like swimming against the current. You don't see that the river is taking you. But it's actually taking you and you are spending all your energy going up the river against the current.

Going against the current

That's how we actually live when we do things that we don't like, when we say Yes when we want to say No. When we go to a dinner that we don't want to go. And we still go because of some mental complexity that we actually tell ourselves. We are gonna go deep here. Yoni Temple is an in-depth training to see how we actually live. If we are living through the current of life or if we are going against life.

Sacred feminity to navigate the river of Life

Female sexual energy cultivation is about how to embrace yourself from the current of life that runs through you. Sacred feminity helps you to navigate the river that you are in. There is one difference between going against your sexual impulses or your sexual energy and going with the river of creation. The river of life is taking you but you are aware of it. You can decide if you go to the left or you go to the right.

You are not spending your energy going against the river of life. You are spending your energy to being smart and focusing which direction you want to go.

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