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Search of harmony

Actualizado: 28 sept 2020

We all want harmony and the unity between heaven and earth; between the masculine and the feminine, between the dark and the light… we are all in search of harmony and peace between polarities, between duality.

Taosit practices, Vedic traditions, Egyptian alchemy, Native American arts… it doesn't matter where you look or the tradition that you are immersed in; all of them explain the same thing, all of them end up in the same point; but they use different languages!

Not everything is about connecting with god, but bringing god down to earth through embodiment. The energy goes up and down, and it is a full cycle… The kundalini rises us up and then we bring this energy back down so we can embody the Shakti in this body.

Womd of Gaia

When we descend this energy we surrender to gravity, to the earth and we merge with the womb of Gaia. When the womb is connected in harmony with the heart, bliss and pleasure blooms into life. The orgasmic frequency of the universe is here.

We are opening doors to Yoni Temple, an in depth online immersion into the realms of tantra.

Do you want to join us? Subscribe below for more information!

See you on the other side!

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