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The Magic of Sisterhood

it’s time to rise together

to see each other in our eyes

& recognize ourselves in each other

this is the power of sisterhood.

The feminine bond is the backbone of society. Yet in the modern world, we’ve separated ourselves from nature, creating isolation. When a woman is isolated from other women, her community and the sisterhood, then society starts to lose itself. We are living through a planetary moment on Earth where the consciousness is shifting. The divine feminine is rising. But the divine feminine has also been wounded. One of the wounds is sisterhood.

The feminine is like the Earth. It’s an ecosystem. Thousands of years ago in ancient traditions, women living together was the norm. They relied on their ecosystems to survive—needing each other to grow, heal and nourish themselves and their families. As the modern world has moved away from community, women have become separated from their true nature. This separation has created a wound between women. By recognizing there’s a sisterhood wound present in our reality, we’re bringing forward a new awareness of what true sisterhood is. In order for the feminine consciousness to rise, it needs to descend first. As we go through the wounds and shadows in our energy field, we’re then able to transmute and alchemize the stuck energy into light.

The conflicts women are facing are alive and manifested because of isolation from the sisterhood. This isolation has made us distrustful, jealous, and unsupportive of other women because of a fear other women will shine more than us. We (consciously or unconsciously) think if they shine more, then our man will leave us and go with others. But we have to understand there are no others. We are the sisterhood, and we have values. We need to walk together as women to change the reality we’re living in.

“We need to walk together as women to change the reality we’re living in.”

—Sandra Raso

How to Heal the Wound

It’s time for us women to start looking deeper than the eyes and into each other's hearts. All women, in our deep hearts, want to be seen and known for the fullness of love we are. In order to do that, we need to move beyond the ideology, belief systems and societal programs which have kept us in competition and separate from each other. When we meet each other as women in our hearts, then everything comes back to center. Comes back to love. Comes back to oneness.

Together, we’re moving into a deeper meaning of what it means to be a woman. We can’t exist and understand what it means to be a woman on this Earth right now without other women. We need the support of our community, knowing there’s a sea of women behind us who have our backs. The healing happens when we allow ourselves to witness and be witnessed by others in a deeper capacity. It happens when we acknowledge the feminine grows and thrives in community with other women.

No one is immune to this wound. We’ve all played the role of the victim and the perpetrator. We’ve all gossiped about other women, and we’ve all been the one whose being gossiped about. Now, this is irrelevant, because we’re transcending the lower aspects of the feminine. When we make peace with our past, and come back to the our hearts, then we can rise in unity into the higher aspects of sisterhood—which is co-creation.

“We’re moving into a deeper meaning of what it means to be a woman”

—Jaclyn Norton

From Sisterhood to Priestesshood: Woman-to-Woman Initiation

A woman goes through an initiation just through sisterhood. In the ancient tantric arts, the initiations were always from woman-to-woman. There are moments in the consciousness that open through sisterhood, by women holding the womb space for us to rise. This is part of the Priestesshood, where one becomes a sacred woman.

If we go deeper into the process of sisterhood, we end up in priestesshood. The priestesses used to open gates and create rituals together. There was power in uniting our intentions in the same direction and working together. We were working together into the realms of magic.

Magic is a natural process that happens between women. It’s not just through the feminine or womb forces of the sisterhood, but through the Universal forces. This power unites us with the Universe. Doing it together adds more strength, impact and power into our lives.

A third consciousness rises up when women come together in circle. It connects our hearts and wombs in the unity of the moment. In this unity, we remember we all want the same things—a better world for each other and for future generations. The magic of sisterhood happens when we come together, uniting our intentions towards the same vision. The process begins with the initation between women.

Sisterhood: A Catalyst for Powerful Co-Creation

The level of power women gain from other women catalyzes our life forward. We transform our lives on every level by being in the presence of women who want to see us thrive. If we desire being a successful and empowered leader in our lives, then we need other powerful women who want what’s best for us surrounding us. A sisterhood of women is essential as we rise in every area of our lives.

The sisterhood is the backbone when everything is crashing. When we fall down, our sisters are the first ones there for us to say, “We got this, we are here in this together.” That’s the power of sisterhood.

In this space, our deepest fears will be seen and loved. It reveals the hidden shadows, insecurities and attachments that were slowing us down. This newfound awareness, transparency and vulnerability acts like a catalyst. It clears out the stagnant pipes in our energy field, speeding up our process of growth and evolution. This deep love and support propels our lives forward into our true expression. As we clear out the illusions, we come back to our authenticity.

The choice is ours to co-create with women who want to see us shine and rise together. The ones who recognize we have gone through the same issues and traumas over thousands of years. On some level, we’ve gone through all of it. And yet, we’re here together. We are not alone. We are shifting planetary consciousness, and we’re choosing to do it together.

The sisterhood is the shortcut to bloom from the source. We can communicate so much without words. Imagine all of our power and sensitivity, going towards the unity of us all. We are the shifters of the consciousness. We are putting an end to isolation, and rising together as one.

“The sisterhood is the shortcut to bloom from the source”

—Sandra Raso

The Call for Sisterhood

This is a reclamation of the feminine in the fullest. And for the Earth. Now, women are coming back to nature. We are coming back to each other. This is a call to welcome the sisterhood consciousness back into our lives. To bring our sisters into our life, acknowledging we are the same. We have different faces, races, colors and accents, but we’re the same divine mother that has manifested Herself in many forms.

When we see our sisters as a reflection of this, their light is our light. When we see their shadow, we acknowledge we’re all in a process of resurrection, so we’re mirrors of each other. Ultimately, we’re here to raise each other up and co-create together.

In the expression of our deepest worries and traumas is the healing. Sisterhood says, here, we will find a way together, and we will remember the old way, the ancient way, the way it’s always been when women come together. The call is here again because it’s the healing, community and love the Earth needs right now. The call for sisterhood brings us back to our true nature—thriving together as women in community.

As women, we have the capacity to lift each other up. We’re living through a moment of transition, and we need each other. We’re all working towards the same vision, in our own unique way. This is a true invitation to rise in unity together. To walk hand-in-hand with our sisters. To have a healthy sisterhood.

“The call is here again because it’s the healing, community & love the

Earth needs right now.”

—Jaclyn Norton

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