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The natural law

I talk to many women that struggle with their relationships and partners and I consider essential to share this information. To navigate the art of relating we got to understand something really important.

The natural law has two faces: yin-yang; life-death; masculine-feminine; day-night… This is a cycle, this is a spiral that goes deeper and deeper into the infinite laws of nature; this is “the natural law”. Many of you know that Awoken woman is based in universal and natural laws as values as pillars for our foundation… so here we will always go down to nature to understand everything.

In the process of relating with another there is two faces.

The first one is Togetherness, life, Eros… and here is a pull of the magnet, it is the desire, it is sexuality, it is feeling connection to something or somebody, it is being together. The second force it is separation, death, Thanatos… here is when isolation, repulsion or transformation occurs…

These two faces are the same pull of the magnet. Both faces are equally important, it is super important to know when to take separation with your partner so you can honor your solo time.

Solo time is as important as the time together,honor that.

In this solo time, or death of relating we dive deeper in the way we want to relate with ourselves, with the world and with our partner. We connect with a deeper version of ourselves, we self nourish our soul, it is important that we honor this process in order to have a healthy relationship. If we deny this phase, and we don’t accept it, the relationship can not sustain itself and it will be a matter of time for it to end.

After we have finished solo time, we will get back in togetherness from a sustainable place. Healthy relationships understand the importance of sovereignty.

Healing Sexual Sovereignty is part of our teachings in Yoni Temple.

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