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The path of the rose

Following the path of the rose... into the dark womb of the divine mother, to create from her core.

The ancient teachings of the rose are calling to be introduced a bit more and arising in the planet earth at this moment.

The rose holds a frequency that unites the divine feminine Christ consciousness on earth, as an antena to hold this frequency and rebirth your higher consciousness within your womb and body.

The technology of the cosmic womb imprinted into this flower is far beyond my human understanding and it continues to unfold its mysteries sharing her teachings and initiations.

This potent flower holds the holy grail teachings and the ancient mysteries of the womb. Origins in the Egyptian temples of Isis and Mary Magdalene this initiations were activators to awaken the priestess within yourself so you can become a conduit for divine intervention to embody your full soul purpose on earth.

The highest order of tantra, sacred sexuality, womb activations and sacred relating are part of the red rose of power.

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