The quarantine is a precious time to reset your entire neurological system

Back to our natural law is the only way out of any distortion in our lifestyle.

As we have been called to act like a tribe, as we have always been, and acting like this you also are more protected and taken care of... As we aren’t here to do everything alone or to compete with anybody!! I repeat, we are no here to compete or to copy someone else’s success. We are here to celebrate!

As I have been receiving calls of people worried about their business, and economy in this times, I get it!

But if you are living in your soul purpose you are a genius on that and there is nobody but you that can do that.

What if we all get deeper in what is that we are here to do?

This is not just about yourself, but for the rest of us!

There is no competence in the tribe, each one of us has a different peace of the whole puzzle and we all need your part into game now, anything else is codependency.

Silence to get clarity

If you don’t know how that looks like, just stay quiet, if you do know what to do just follow that... it is not about making noise.

In this time more than ever what we need is silence.

Yes, that is right, silence form the external noisy world and media... The quarantine is a precious time to go inwards, to read, to listen, to connect, to get clarity of what you want from now on, who you want to be with, to be artistic... Did you knew that you can reset your entire neurological system in a quarantine??? Be aware of what you watch and what you do during this time as your neurological receptors take this really seriously. Use it towards your advantage and the advantage of all of us!

Literally you can get a new mindset for the rest of your life and it is also an important time to create a spiritual practice for yourself!

In that silence you will hear what is that you need to do, as we are all connected, as a perfect ecosystem.

It is extremely important to master your own energy not just for healing but to elevate your consciousness as you become sovereign.

In that sovereignty all codependency patterns are released and you can tap into your soul blueprint to access to what your soul is here to do.

We are in this together, love you familia.

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