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SACRED Sexuality:

A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness!

This is an initiation into the taoist feminine arts.

Dive into The Alchemy And Mystery Of The Tao

 Step In To Your Essential Self

Have you felt the POWER of your sexual energy and wanted to learn how to source it for Vitality, Radiance, Pleasure and Joy?


Have you been curious about the Taoist JADE EGG practices, but haven't known where to begin?


Are you on a path of HEALING and RECLAIMING your Sexual Power and Potential?


Have you been looking to access a daily PRACTICE to anchor your body, mind and spirit into a place of WHOLENESS?


Do you have a DESIRE to connect more deeply with your Essential Nature and learn to source yourself from WITHIN?


Are you committed to RADICAL Self Care and Spiritual EVOLUTION?


Do you wish to HARMONIZE Body, Mind, Heart, Sex and Spirit?


Are you seeking a more BALANCED experience of life, and a more EMPOWERED position within yourself?


Do you ADORE your Sensual, Sexual nature and wish to ENHANCE it?



"Access the Program Online from Anywhere in the World"


Listen to your own female body

Reclaim your wild, primal nature

Tap into the feminine powers of your confident sensual inner goddess

Explore sexual freedom with integrity & heart

Bring sacred sexuality into your relationship

Restore personal boundaries

Confront past trauma

Practice genuine self love

Clear limiting illusions

Uncover your soul purpose.

What is sacred Temple?

Sacred Temple is a synthesis of sexual energy cultivation and radical self care through the ancient Taoist traditions.

Taoist arts have a deep focus on being in harmony with nature and Her cycles of dark and light, death and birth, male and female, active and receptive, Yin and Yang.


Tao literally means ‘The Way’. It is the flow of life in this very precious moment.


There are no external Gods or Goddesses in Taoism, nowhere to go, and nothing extraordinary to be. It is a pure, simplistic and beautiful philosophy of balance in all things.


In the practice of Taoist arts we use internal alchemical practices to harmonize body, mind and spirit for a greater experience of peace, health, wisdom and longevity.

In the Taoist tradition sexual energy is known as Jing. It is the powerful energy of creation, and when harnessed and cultivated leads to a long life full of joy, vitality, youth, radiance and pleasure.


In Sacred Temple we work with foundational Qigong practices to prepare the body for the warm sexual Jing energy.

Working with our Ovarian energy we then learn to sense, awaken, and circulate our vital sexual energy through all the organs and cells of our bodies, increasing our capacity for pleasure, radiance, and self knowledge.


Through the sacred and foundational Taoist practice of the Jade Egg we tone and tune into our sacred Jade Gate (yoni) and womb space.


The Jade Egg practice helps to bring more sensitivity, juiciness, versatility and strength to our Yoni and Womb, while cleansing, purifying and balancing these sacred chambers.

The deepest intention of these sacred practices is radical self love, empowerment and self care; uniting the heart with the womb and yoni through deep presence, sensitivity and nurture.

The Content

Module One: Cultivate Good Chi

Module Two: Source Your Essential Energy

Module Three: Jade Egg As Ally

Module Four: Tend Your Yoni, Tend Yourself

What You Receive

5 Live Zoom Call Rituals/Practice Circles

4 Inspirational check-in emails

1 Jade in Her Temple Ebook that outlines all of the practices and content

Downloadable audio meditations to bring the practices home with you

Practice videos and links to access them after the course is finished

Facebook group to ask questions, share inspiration and get support in the process

Audios, Videos and PDFs 

An online student portal to access all the goodies

Bonuses galore!

A Nephrite Jade Egg (optional)



In this Module:

Deepen your understanding of Taoism, Yin and Yang and the benefits of these practices.

Learn the Taoist Self Chi Massage and Spinal Warm Up

Cleanse and Tonify the Organs with the Six Healing Sounds Meditation

Taoist Five Elements Theory

BONUS: Full Taoist Five Elements Qigong Practice



In this Module:

Learn Breast and Ovarian Massage

Clear the energy of the Womb and Ovaries with Womb and Ovarian Clearing

Cultivate Jing Sexual Energy through Ovarian Breathing and Packing

Circulate Jing Energy throughout the body with the Microcosmic Orbit and store the energy with the Pearl Meditation

BONUS: Orgasmic Upward Draw: Working with aroused and orgasmic energies



In this Module:

Learn how to prepare the egg and the benefits of this practice.

How to introduce the egg.

Jade egg excercises

Seated and squatting Jade Egg exercises

Standing Jade Egg exercises

BONUS: Jade Power Practice



In this Module:

Womb Clearing with obsidian egg.

Restoration of innocence

Vaginal Acupressure

Yoni care secrets

BONUS: Holistic Yoni Care PDF.


With a Jade Egg and Shipping $425

Without a Jade Egg $350

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