"Working with Sandra has transformed my relationship with myself and sparked a deep remembrance of all that I am. She has an ability to see deeply into others and hold sacred space with the power and presence of all her being. Sandra is gifted in understanding and transforming energy, while living in daily devotion to her path as a powerful force for change. She truly walks her walk. Working with her healed deep feminine wounds, helped bring back my natural cycle, and clear ancestral traumas and patterns from my lineage. Her offerings will spark a primal remembrance of your true divine nature, deeper connection with the feminine within you, and invite you to embody the entirety of your being. Sandra is a pillar of light. Her talents and offerings are a gift to the collective. Be prepared to change."


I love you!! SO grateful for you. Truly.
Jaclyn Norton

The real gift I have received from you and all the days I have known you is... DEVOTION.

The way you live your life is devoted. To yourself, your passions, your loved ones, spirit, the earth and everything in between.

I want you to know that to be considered a part of your soul family is an honor.

I know your devotion to people in your life is something that is rooted in the most sacred part of your life and yourself, and I value being part of it.

You have taught me the meaning of true devotion these past months and I will carry the lessons I have learnt from you into all aspects of my life and myself forevermore. I am changed because of meeting you and experiencing your deep devotion and love, from he bottom of my heart I tank you.

I love you and value you beyond measure.”
Rebecca Freeman

"I know Sandra from years ago, and always thought there was something magic about it.

This year I felt so lucky to be able to go to Mexico to a retreat. In this time of my life I needed a change and answers to my life. Here Is were I could see the full potential of her teachings and herself. I experienced one of the most beautiful and powerful moments of my life.

I dived into the deepest parts of my being, were I did not knew myself before. I understood what self love means, what sensuality and the power that lies within ourselves.

This was a magic experience.

I have so much passion, admiration and respect for your work.

Thank you Sandra for guiding me to a New journey into my life."
Elisende Abadias

"I first met Sandra at a retreat in Spain.

During the stay she guided me with her awesome and inspiring beeing.
During breath work, cold water therapy, sun gazing, ancestral cleansing ceremony and her incredible wisdom and knowledge in Female Alchemy and Sacred Sexuality,

I had an amazing and powerful transformation that changed my life!

I did not want to leave!

I will recommend Sandra to anyone who needs a powerful and safe guide in their life!
Thank you for the important work you do Sandra!"
-Britt Mari Lillerud Soares

"Sandra’s powerful work teaches you to dive deep into yourself, and nourish your soul; your femininity. I have successfully completed the Yoni Temple course.

Her in-depth knowledge, and immense passion for Awoken Woman, make her an incredible teacher!”
-Ashante Cirillo