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Let’s talk frankly

You can do as much personal development and even deep spiritual work as you like, but as long as you are hiding from your own sexual shame, traumas and insecurities you are going to be trapped.

I’ve worked with people who have spent years and years getting very real about all the flaws in their psyche, establishing deep connection with their higher Self, practicing potent rituals, experiencing states of higher consciousness… but they have never dared look at their sexual inadequacy, their issues with lack of orgasms, numbness, pain during intercourse, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or their obsession with fantasy, pornography and intense stimulation.

A big part of my work has to do with sexual awakening and empowerment.

Like it or not, there is no escape from our essence as erotic and sexual beings. If you are just at peace with it - good for you.
Most people are not though. They are either repressing their sexuality or are controlled by it.
Most people cannot even speak about sex without blushing.

Some signs of repression:

- Judging those who show signs of being sexually open,
- Hardly ever pleasuring yourself,
- Thinking that your sexuality is about how sexy or attractive you feel,
- Thinking that your sexuality is for a partner to enjoy,
- Feeling uncomfortable talking about sex and even reading this,
- Not ever making sounds when you make love,
- Experiencing only one form of orgasm or never being orgasmic at all,
- Being chronically financially broke, (I mean it)
- Difficulty with self expression,
- Orgasm only when you fantasize,
- Low libido,
- Disconnection from your desires and your drive in life,
- Feeling uncomfortable around emotional people,
- Feeling uncomfortable in wild natural surroundings.

Signs that you are controlled by your sexuality:


- Inability to let go of a dysfunctional or an abusive relationship because “the sex is so good”,
- Watching porn frequently,
- Thinking about sex all the time,
- Every time you feel aroused you want to bring yourself to a peak orgasmic experience,
- A history of cheating and not being able to commit in relationships,
- Receiving complaints from other people that they were hurt by your sexual behavior or that their boundaries were crossed,
- Feeling shame or guilt around anything you have ever done sexually,
- A history of STIs, UTIs, thrush.

And all this is just off the top of my head.

Sexual energy is the core energy of our being. There is no escape from it. We need to go in, get real, nourish our roots and rise.

If you are done with all of that and are really determined to make big shifts in your life - I’d love to work with you.

I love to work with women who are willing to go deep.

If you feel it is for you

I’d love to have you with us in this community.  

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