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The more you accept your power;

the more you awaken





A road map to fill your own cup, rooted into your body and natural law.

A path to source the life force energy or sexual energy from within.

Activating your confidence, power, radiance and passions as a living temple.

It doesn’t matter which level of knowledge you begin with, these tools will guide you to the next level of sovereignty, pleasure and joy in your life.


Dive into the ancient Mysteries of Female Sexual Energy Cultivation and sacred practices to rebirth yourself as a woman.

Join me on this journey into the sacred feminine wisdom.


This is not just a course, it is a portal to your higher self.

If you want to reborn as a woman and  heal your feminine wounds this is a process of Feminine alchemy, were we clear all the limitations, obstacles and emotional traumas from our mind and body.

Then we can open the portal to access to our source, called "sexual energy".

We consider that the expanded and unleashed sexuality is the gateway to our highest potential. 

This energy is sacred and divine, and it allow us to build up new states of consciousness and use it towards building ourselves and our dreams.

Sexual energy is the vital energy and the energy that creates everything that exists.

We will reveal ancient traditional practices that enable women to cultivate and embrace their sexual energy by transforming it into creative & healing power.


For thousands of years these sexual principles and techniques were taught by Taoist masters in secret to only a small number of people.


Here we will make this ancient knowledge available to you.

Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your divine source and information.

Now as a modern woman you can use it towards your own development.

Unlock your limitations & trauma

Release emotional memories from your body



ACCESS to your source



"Let's do real alchemy here... Let's turn limitations into power"

Awoken Woman reveals Yoni Temple:


A sacred deep online journey into a sacred Traditional practices.


The wisdom of female sexual energy cultivation and the secrets of ancient Taoist and Egypcian practices are revealed here.

For women who desire...

Deep healing, spiritual wisdom, self growth,

divine guidance & awakening into their highest self.

This Life-changing program will show you the real tools for a lifetime to go;

hand by hand with Sandra Raso and Awoken Woman team.

Dive into a profound self-connection with yourself.

Do you want to become more radiant and joyful woman?

Do you want to dive into feminine sexual energy cultivation?

Do you want to heal past sexual trauma?

Do you want to move on from a traumatic relationship? 

Did you find yourself in a Narcissistic Relationship and want to move on?

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your Essential Nature?


 YOU can not connect with your partner?

YOU can't access your creativity?

YOU do not know your purpose?

YOU have problems making decisions?

YOU don't like your body? Unhappy? Or bored? Uninspired?

IS there is something missing but you don't know what?

Do you want to bring more magic into your life?

Do you want to transform your sexual energy into spiritual and creative energy?

And do you want to feel self confident and deeply connected to your body and authentic source?

Lets be honest, sexual energy is such a powerful tool that is being used in an unconscious level. We can be manipulated and big corporations know this, that is why this energy is used to sell from juices to cars...

Now, is time to reclaim this power back to a conscious level were if we master it well, we can heal everything and build the life we always have been dreaming of.


The sexual energy unmastered leads to symptom like:

Sensation of being lost in life


Laziness or heaviness...

Inability to manifest things and projects in the world

Unhealthy sexual obsession

Shame around your sexuality or sensuality

Lack of pleasure in your life

Lack of sexual libido

You will learn...




We will redefine sexuality, erotic nature, Tantra & Beauty.

We use quantum techniques and activations to reset your mind and body from all the limitations that we carry from thousands of years ago of conditioning.




Learn how to use the power of crystals inside our Yoni. Activation and practices.



We will learn how to feel with the body, how to bring light and life force to those parts of our body that are still dormant.

Amplifying our senses as a form of expansion of our energy bodies.



We show you how to clear and clean our bodies from sexual or partnership traumatic experiences. So we can use our energy towards our own development.

Unlock self sabotage, self destructive patterns.



We will heal and clear our creation centers and learn how to harvest our sexual energy to move it through our body.



Archetypes activation.

Building boundaries.

The Priestess way.

Bonnus 1. Magnetic Abundance

We consider the importance of being abundant in our relationships and with money as well. This is a primordial part in order to leave any scarcity beliefs and to step out of survival mood.

The key of abundance is in our mind set and in our beliefs!

Stop chasing abundance outside of you and start discovering all that you already have, so in this space magnetism is inevitable!


Bonnus 2. Rose codes Activations

One of the Keeper's of The Rose Code Lineage, Mary Magdalene's Presence is re-emerging strongly on the planet during this time of pivotal shift through our consciousness and guiding us in remembering our Feminine Womb Power, Erotic Innocence, Sacred Relationship, Service, Rapture and Devotional Leadership. 

"Your power is not outside of you to grasp for or achieve. It lies within you, Sister. You are the Holy Grail being reawakened in your bones, blood and cells. In your feelings and in your memory.  Ecstatic Bliss and Wild Innocence is your nature. Allow doubt shame, fear and isolation to wash away and rise in your Truth. Your soul's birthright as Sovereign and Divine is being resurrected and illuminated with the light codes of time immemorial."


Every Exange




PLUS *Magnetic Abundance $108


PLUS *Rose codes activations $235

 Get 16% discount now!

TOTAL:   US$1198



Lifetime access to this information

Deep Guidance via Video and audio files

Multiple Modules with Multiple Practices in each

*BONUS Yoni Egg Practice BOOK

*BONUS Cyclic Feminine Archetypes integration

*BONUS Guided Audio about redefining sensuality and beauty

*BONUS Mental re-programming

*Magnetic Abundance

*Rose codes activations

Daily practices






+ more surprises!

Start your journey into YONI TEMPLE  now!

Join the immersion into Yoni Temple online training today and have life-long access to a precious knowledge base that shows you in easy steps how to practice with empowering tools to embrace your HIGEST nature in everyday life.

Yoni Temple is a practice for modern woman who want to embody their higher selfs.

This is an ancient practice that was kept secret up until recently.

✔ Life-long access to our video course + audio files

✔ Learn at your own pace

✔ Access to our secret Facebook support group

✔ Weekly SUPPORT

This is a Taoist and Egyptian Practice where we dive into the sacred Feminine Calix "Yoni".

Here we guide you through the mysteries of your inner temple transforming the sexual energy into your creative life force energy.

Start your journey into YONI TEMPLE practices now!

"Female sexuality is also one of the most hijacked, repressed and distorted powers on our planet, so we've got some work to do."

~Sandra Raso

I am ready to stand in my true power!

Let me know if you have any questions and we can jump into a FREE EXPLORATION CALL!

Payment plans available, let us know!  


Wants to discover the deep wisdom and pleasure within

Desires to feel her sexuality as sacred

Is ready to break through the layers of shame and pain that hold her back

Knows she has way more potential that she's currently tapping into

Feels stuck or stagnant 

Wants to learn about "Orgasmic living" pleasure

In need some extra confidence to follow her own path




1.Business women

Business Women who want to bring back their feminine essence.

They are are immersed in the "constant doing masculine" life and they have lost their femininity along the way..

Many women cultivate their masculine capabilities of planning. Ambition and getting things done. It is crucial that they remain able to switch polarities consciously in order to maintain their own health, well being, and relationships.

If you live a concrete, rushed lifestyle, for instance and find yourself being bossy, pushy, and sharp tongued you will benefit from this. The feminine takes us out of our head into our body.




2.Women in need of healing

Women who seek healing from:

Feminine symptoms (sexual numbness, no libido, problems with menstrual cycle, ovaries, womb, breast..)

Sexual trauma 

Traumatic relationship

Many women suffer from past trauma, and all this trauma is stored in our bodies and it doesn't allow us to fully feel pleasure anymore. Thousands of years of repression of the feminine has taken us point where we often feel lost or sick. Problems in our menstrual cycles, polycystic ovaries, breast cancer or even womb cancer are the consequences of this disconnection with the feminine.

Inside lies an emotional conflict waiting to be released. These practices will allow you to go into the core of your problem.

3.Open minded and health coaches

Yoga teachers, health coaches and open minded people who wants to take their lives to the next level.

They want to use their energy towards building their life, finding their mission or going to the next level!

Do you want to commit more with your creativity and sexuality?

Currently many women follow a spiritual path in search of something missing; but most of these paths are built by men and they possess a strict outlook on what is "good" vs "bad". These paths see beauty or sexuality as something that needs to be destroyed because it is related to a "false ego". But in our approach to sexuality and beauty, we think that the spirit is the inner light and the body is the vessel that contains the light; if we destroy the body, we break the entire lamp. So in our approach to spirituality and development we consider necessary to reintegrate the concept of sexuality as part of the whole.

4.Women in search of a life purpose

Those Women seeking for more pleasure, joy and fulfillment in their life.

In search of a deeper meaning to life.

Those who want to connect with their life mission.

If you are feeling lost, and you know there's a bigger calling for your entire existence, here you will receive the tools to clear all the limitations that are blocking you from manifesting your truth. These tools will allow you to develop a deeper sense with yourself and a deeper knowledge of who you really are. Bringing, joy, pleasure and fulfillment into your life.

"Many things are going to change, if you allow it. 

This information will redefine and restructure the way you perceive yourself and as a consequence, the world you observe will look different.

We will redefine and unlearn all the limitations of what society before us told us abut sexual energy in order to master a way of alchemizing this energy into creative power.

And as we heal our sexuality, we heal our relationship with ourselves and with the world around us."

~Sandra Raso

What you really are is bigger than the universe of space and time. What you really are it cannot be contained in the body.

As long as you believe that you are a body you will never feel satisfied with anything less than TOTALITY. 

I don't have intellectual answers to your questions, but I will lead you through an experience that is beyond your understanding. The ego will ask many questions this course does not answer.
There is no answer, only an experience. Do not let any Theology delay you, just seek  the experience. The real answer will come to you in the form of an experience.

It blows away anything that this world has to offer.
Because everything in this world is temporary.
The only truth is Eternity.
And that is what you are.

Do you want to remember?

Taoist traditional practices and Egyptian alchemy reveal the perfect technology that our body is, and there is a specific way and discipline available for you in YONI TEMPLE.
I will facilitate the research and trips around the world. In honor to my own experience and to the teachers that have shown 

"This course will support you to be an embodied, shameless expression of your authentic raw beauty."

Need to talk about it?

Let me know and we can jump into a FREE EXPLORATION CALL!

Payment plans available, let us know!  

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