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An in depth journey into the feminine soul.

Dive into ancestral healing, womb wisdom and the ancient Mysteries of Female Sexual Energy Cultivation to awaken the feminine spirit .

Join me on this journey into the sacred feminine wisdom.

Are you ready to...

Be completely embodied in your full feminine power but you feel stuck in old patterns?

Feel a deep yearning to heal your relationship to your mother, grandmothers and your ancestral lineage?

Do you see patterns in your life such as codependency, betrayal, or abandonment?

Are you ready to heal sexual trauma, shame and abuse from yourself or your family tree?

Are you ready to break the gip with past lovers?

Do you want to remember and reclaim your erotic innocence and sexual fire?

Do you feel the call to awaken your holy womb portal?

Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs from your ancestors, parents, and culture?

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your Essential Nature?

AWAKENED WOMB starts a new journey the 27th of February!

Initiatory wisdom from the creatrix of all life.

Dive into the ancient Mysteries of Female Sexual Energy Cultivation and sacred practices to rebirth yourself as a sacred woman.

Join me on this 8 week journey into the sacred feminine wisdom.



This is a journey into ancestral healing, deep remembrance and female sexual energy cultivation into a new paradigm.

Through this course, you will connect with your female ancestors, heal your maternal lineage, and step into your sexual sovereignty.

You will immerse in the studies of ancestral healing, womb awakening, inner child healing, shadow work, sacred sexuality, feminine embodiment, inner alchemy and Tantric priestess arts.

This course is the completion of over 15 years of self healing, remembrance, many travels, and experiences living  with wise grandmothers and elders around the world.


I have united the most powerful epigenetic studies, quantum physics teachings, advanced tantric practices and temple embodiment arts into this 8 week course, which is held live and online.


Here we will make this ancient knowledge available to you.

Now as a modern woman we can use it towards your own development.

"Let's do real alchemy here... Let's turn limitations into power"


Awoken Woman reveals AWAKENED WOMB:

This course includes 8 LIVE group calls, 8 modules full of healing tools, and a private Facebook community and access to Sandra for ongoing support.

You will learn...



We will redefine sexuality, erotic nature, Tantra, Beauty and deepen your understanding of Taoism.

We use traditional techniques to reset your mind and body from the limitations that we carry in our celular memory.

Homecoming practices 




We will learn how to focus and bring light and life force to those parts of our body that are still dormant.

We begin by honoring the Taoist lineage of these practices and preparing our bodies

Warm up the system in order to work with the sexual energy.



We will heal and clear our creation centers and learn how to harvest our sexual energy to move it through our body.

Learn the arts of self sourcing and female vitality cultivation.




Learn how to use the power of crystals inside our Yoni.

Learn how to prepare the egg and the benefits of this practice.

Activation and practices.



Ancestral womb clearing and moon time rituals.

Reclaim your matriarchal lineage and the holy womb grail.

Learn how to clear and clean our bodies.

Unlock self sabotage, self destructive patterns.



Release past lovers and reclaim the preciousness, purity, innocence, and POWER of your wombspace.

Heal unworthiness and reclaim your magnetism.

Building boundaries.

Masculine Feminine healing and integration.



Unlock self sabotage, self destructive patterns.

Shadow work, descent and revelation.​

Emotional alchemy 

Be friend your shadow.​




Ancestral healing, 

Meet your guides

Reclaim your matriarchal lineage.

Shakti awakening

Write a new narrative.

Bonnus 1. Magnetic Abundance

We consider the importance of being abundant in our relationships and with money as well. This is a primordial part in order to leave any scarcity beliefs and to step out of survival mood.

The key of abundance is in our mind set and in our beliefs!

Stop chasing abundance outside of you and start discovering all that you already have, so in this space magnetism is inevitable!


Bonnus 2. Rose codes Activations

One of the masters of The Rose Code Lineage, the Magdalene's legacy Presence returns strongly on the planet during this times.


She brings forward and activates our Feminine Womb wisdom, embodiment, Erotic Innocence, Sacred Relationship and Devotional Leadership. 

She awakens within each one of us, she guides us from within. The true embodiment of the Holy Grail.



Your journey begins on January 21st, 2021.

Is this course for you?

  • If you want to heal old patterns from your mother and grandmothers, and you want to write a new story in your ancestral lineage. 

  • If you want to tap into your divine creativity and free your voice and teacher archetype.

  • You want yo reclaim your power back to yourself, tap into your erotic innocence, sensuality and true sexual sovereignty.

  • You are ready to make the transition to a new phase of your life, entering the motherhood in all its forms.

  • You have a deep call into ancestral healing and devotion to ancient feminine lineages.


Benefits of this journey

  • More vitality, creativity and inspiration will flow though your body

  • Life lasting content to an endless mysteries of the feminine

  • Unlocking old patters and trauma stored in your body so you will gain confidence and radiance as a result.

  • A new relationship with the earth, your mother lineage and your feminine soul.

  • A new connection with your ancestral lineage, learning how to listen and protected from your guides.

  •  You will move from a deeply grounded place, feeling sovereign, aligned and alive with your purpose.

  • Your relationship with past lovers will clear, allowing an empty space for more healthy intimate relationships.

  • Feelings of worthiness and alignment

Money Exange​

TOTAL: US$1.111 

(Empowerment plan available)


✔ Life-long access to our video course + audio files

✔ Learn at your own pace

✔ Access to our secret Facebook support group

✔ Weekly SUPPORT

Deep Guidance via Video and audio files

Multiple Modules with Multiple Practices in each

*BONUS Yoni Egg Practice BOOK

*BONUS Cyclic Feminine Archetypes integration

*Magnetic Abundance

*Rose codes activations

+ more surprises!

Meet your Guide


If you are reading this it means you have been chosen by your ancestors to heal your matriarcal lineage, and it is my honor to walk hand by hand with you.

I am an expert in ancestral healing and DNA decoding. Today I have an extensive experience as a teacher of Tantric arts and feminine ancient lineages.

Studied under the wing of Enric Corbera and walked with respected Toltec Grandomothers and Curanderas from Latinoamerica.

It is my mission to serve my gifts and experience with you.

From my heart to yours.

Sandra Raso


"Many things are going to change, if you allow it. 

This information will redefine and restructure the way you perceive yourself and as a consequence, the world you observe will look different.

We will redefine and unlearn all the limitations of what society before us told us abut sexual energy in order to master a way of alchemizing this energy into creative power.

And as we heal our erotic innocence, we heal our relationship with ourselves and with the world around us."

~Sandra Raso


It blows away anything that this world has to offer.

Because everything in this world is temporary.

The only truth is Eterniternal.

And that is what you are.

Do you want to remember?

Need to talk about it?

Let me know and we can jump into a FREE EXPLORATION CALL!

Payment plans available, let us know!  

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