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I believe the universe brought us together as an answer to a prayer.

I invite you to download  "Aquarian Woman"  FREE EBOOK below.



 Tantrika Priestess arts Immersive

Let Me Guide You...

Welcome to Awoken Woman

The feminine consciousnesses is weaving a new way into being in this earth, 

and become conscious co-creators of a new reality.

Uniting the most advanced healing and decoding practices, the technology of quantum physics and sacred temple arts for

the evolution of human consciousness.

Come and step with us through this portal  into the Holy Grail

to reawaken your greatest potential. 


If you are reading this it means you have been chosen by your ancestors to heal your matriarcal lineage, and it is my honor to walk hand by hand with you.

I am an expert in ancestral healing and DNA decoding. Today I have an extensive experience as a teacher of Priestess arts and feminine ancient lineages.

Studied under the wing of Quantum Physics Experts and walked with respected Toltec 

Grandomothers and Curanderas from 


It is my mission to share a modern day Mystery School of Feminine arts.

Ordained Priestess of the Isis-Magdalene's legacy.

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