From stagnancy and lack to abundance and freedom

Manifest more abundance and prosperity from a state of love, ease and feminine flow. 

Use the quantum field to your favor, by aligning your reality with the frequency of Abundance.  

This journey will help you clear old encoded DNA patterns from your past.

Experience the most effective practices of manifestation, consciousness and feminine wisdom.

Create a life of embodied Abundance and prosperity.


Manifest Abundance effortlessly:

Get Quantum Abundance with two bonus:

Roots and The Money Codes all together until 19th of January.

In this 8 weeks…

  • Increase your income and financial sovereignty
  • Unlock your manifestation power beyond your imagination
  • Increase radical self-love and your personal standards
  • Accelerate your  manifestation  in all areas of your life
  • Step up as a divine feminine leader
  • Generate more money 
  • Liberate the stagnancy and weight from the past

The right steps in the right order make all the difference.

We’ll cover it all in in the Abundance Codes 8 WEEK JOURNEY


Are you tired of being in a state of stagnacy with abundance and money ?


You find yourself in a place where you can only generate Abundance from effort, sacrifice and excessive self-demand.

You can also feel 

  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Stuck
  • Stagnant
  • Burnt out 
  • Confused

Our method is impecable!

We have created a method to manifest Abundance and freedom!

This method is a journey based in the union of ancient wisdom and quantum physics.

A library of resources, practices, audios, videos and activations to guide you into the path of abundance of the feminine path.

We include...




This 8 week journey includes...



We will reprogram our mindset and belief systems we carry from our families, culture and past experiences.

A deep clearing work and purification journey must happen to unlock our power of manifestation and alignment to Abundance.

Before we step into Abundance; we need to clear all limitations from our system.


  • Goddess Hathor activation and quantum abundance




Daily practices and alchemical transformation.

In this phase, we will reignite the passion and momentum with Dna Activations on a celular level.


Feminine shamanism, rituals and more!


  • Goddess Isis activation and the queen chamber


The secret of abundance is profoundly linked to the waters, our emotional body and liquid nature.

Awakening the feeling body and decoding your emotional body.

Our inner water architecture must change in order to receive  the  abundance frequency.

We will become a vessel for worthiness, pleasure and magnetism.

  • Magdalene prosperity activation



The Embodiment of abundance into our reality is fundamental!

The process or creating solid foundations in our life is necessary to receive abundance in the form of wealth, money, stable relationships and health.



Pillars of manifestation

  • Green Tara and abundance mastery activation

This is For You If...

  • You want more abundance, prosperity and financial freedom in your life
  • If you are experiencing scarcity in your life and are stuck with patterns of lack of money, poor health and toxic relationships. 
  • You want to activate prosperity consciousness
  • You feel discomfort when you speak about money or offer your services
  • You have the feeling of frustration and burn out.
  • You are ready to thrive while remaining in your feminine softness. 
  • You want to step up into the next level of your life
  • You feel stuck in your business and entrepreneurship
  • You are ready to play a bigger game

I'm Sandra Raso

Founder of Awoken Woman, multidisciplinary healer, emotional decoder and abundance priestess.

With over 15 years of experience leading women though initiatory transformational journeys. 

Guiding women willing to step into their power and leadership through a diversity of rites of passage.

Sandra has made her mission to share her experience, knowledge, wisdom with those ready to embrace their majesty.

She has created a program merging her knowledge on quantum physics with shamanism and feminine rituals to teach step by step the process of aligning oneself with Abundance Consciousness.

A path of 15 years and over 100.000$ of investments in mentors, therapy and initiatory journeys around the world. 

Start this 2024 by upgrading your standards and opening a space for the feminine Abundance frequency!!

You are welcome to join us!

"Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving such an incredible and profound mark in my life.

I am the person I am because of your guidance.

I wish all your dreams come true and you keep spreading your magic and light. "

- Ale

"Have been experiencing a lot...

Connecting with a frequency so strongly that all I can say in words is that it's simply opening me to an even more purified connect with the divine."

- Courtney

"Thank you for your beautiful courses, I have gained so much from them and I use the content daily, even back from almost 5 years ago in the first yoni temple!!

I am very grateful for your teaching.

Thank you so much.

Many blessings to you."

- Jess

If you come now we are adding two bonuses for free...



  • Healing the MOTHER
  • Healing the  FATHER
  • Releasing LIMITATIONS and family loyalties.




 21 days to create a healthy relationship with money

When will we start the journey?


We will start the bonus ROOTS on January 19th, 2024

9pm Bali time
7am Mexico City time
2pm Europe standard time


We will start QUANTUM ABUNDNACE on February 16th, 2024


The Abundance Codes

8 week journey

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