The Abundance Codes

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A new frequency for feminine leaders











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This is for you if

  • You want more abundance, wealth and prosperity in your life
  • You want to activate prosperity consciousness
  • You have tried doing more and you reached burnt out
  • You are ready to thrive while being soft 


A process to  transform the old paradigm of hustle and doing into abundance and softness 

Join us in a 3 day FREE masterclass into the Abundance Codes

10th January - 

A new Paradigm

Life Call

11th January - 

Mental Biohaking

Life call

12th January - 

A new Frequency of Abundance

Life Call

By attending this experience…


You will activate the abundance architecture …  

By healing the root that is holding you back

By decoding your limiting beliefs

By shifting your perception of abundance forever

By clearing your abundance channel

By activating new codes of prosperity within you


… After this work you will be able to receive what the universe has on store for you



What Customers Are Saying...


“This journey with Sandra has been a profound breakthrough in my life, I went from bankrupt to have six figures in a matter of a month! This has transformed my life and my family forever. 

 I was about to take my daughter out of school and I couldn't afford to pay for my phone plan when I went to work with Sandra, now it seems like a miracle to me and my family!!

I am starting a new business plan and we have moved to a new house!

I profoundly recommend this work to everyone!”


“I coudnt   imagine how one person can influence my life to this level, I have increased my income radically  and I have upgraded my life into a new whole level! I recommend Sandra´s guidance to anybody who is ready for an in depth transformation and expansion into the next level of their life”

-Carla, real state agent who went from selling 100.000 houses  to 2 million homes and ended up moving to her dream place and dream house in just a few months.

Cheyenne Chaca

I was extremely fortunate to receive an activation with Sandra, at a moment in time and space where my abilities to receive was being blocked by unconscious beliefs and habitual patterns.
Sandra intuitively tuned into the frequency of my state of being and she received clear direction and channeled a very powerful Onk activation.
Sandra is a rare priestess here on planet earth. She walks a path of sharing some very precious abundance codes.
I am forever grateful for this activation, as it allowed my to align with my magnitude of receiving on a multidimensional plan of existence.

About your host


Multidisciplinary Healer, Abundance Priestess and expert in epigenetics and quantum biohaking.


Traveled the world over 15 years searching for ancient knowledge stored in Indigenous traditions and world renamed Quantum Physicians to train herself.

 Sandra will guide you to create your new reality of abundance by decoding limitations and activating a new frequency with prosperity codes.

Let´s start this 2024 by upgrading our standards and opening a space for the abundance frequency!!

You are welcome to registe, see you inside! 

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