Activate the miraculous abundance power within you!


We will share the codes to awaken prosperity consciousness.

This is a course intentionally designed with encoded frequencies.

This course helps you clear old beliefs about abundance and it unites you with the infinite abundance frequency.


This is an encoded course designed to help you manifest abundance into all areas of your life on a quantum level:






Joy and happiness


Abundance is a divine consciousness of the most high and it can be activated in our body and reality.

This tool will accelerate your manifestation process aligning your life with prosperity consciousness.



You will align to wealth, abundance & prosperity that fuels as the foundation of life.

Working with our temple keepers and divine feminine mentors and ascended masters Mary Magdalene, Isis and Hathor to understand the fertility process of manifesting energy into form.

Open yourself to receive tools, activations and encoded prosperous beliefs to receive more prosperity, money and resources coming to you effortlessly.

We will open a new vibration that accelerates the process of prosperity and abundance in our lives.

This is not just a course but a journey into a new chapter of prosperity and abundance in your life.

Abundance is your divine heritage, 

Reclaim what is already yours.

Welcome to The Abundance Codes
Our Method


  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Visualizations
  • 40 Activations Codes
  • PDFs
  • Bonnus
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This course is for you if…


If you are experiencing scarcity in your life or a pattern of lack of money, finances and good relationships

If you feel pain and discomfort when you speak about money

You have tried many manifestation tactics and they didn’t work

You dream with building your dreams into reality

You desire to have a more financial resources, prosperous and abundant life

You want to have more free time

You have a message to share and you want to make it sustainable

You want to invite more money and prosperity into your life

You feel stuck in your business and entrepreneurship

You are ready to play a bigger game

You are ready for more

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It has been a long personal journey to channel this course and encoded tools.

The money and prosperity I have received along this process is being redirected to build a sanctuary to protect our mother earth and their wisdom teachings. 

It is my duty to share this information with you as it doesn’t belong to me, I am just a bridge to bring this down to earth. 

It has been an initiation into the next level of your life. The abundance codes is a powerful tool if you want to tap in with prosperity consciousness.

From my heart to yours.


Sandra Raso Magdalena