"The return of the Magdalenes"

Join us on a Free online prayer circle!


It is time to acelerate your divine purpose.

Are you ready to explore the next step into Divine Feminine Leadership?

This next 2023 is a stargate portal to acelerate your next quantum revolution into your life.

We are living revolutionary times and we are here to fully step into our magic and sacred purpose.

I invite you to step into spiritual maturity as a path of self mastery, it is time!

I invite you to learn from the frequencies of Mary Magdalene to insipre your spiritual leadership in this 2023.

This is a ceremonial space to embody your higest potential in this timeline.

Hosted By

Sandra Raso

Divine Feminine Speaker | Oracular Activist

Sandra raso is an expert in ancestral healing and DNA decoding. Today She has extensive experience as a teacher of Priestess arts and feminine ancient lineages.

Studied under the wing of Quantum Physics Experts and walked with respected Toltec
Grandomothers and Curanderas from Latinoamerica.

Ordained Priestess of the Magdalene's legacy.

What we will share?

  • Who si Mary Magdalene
  • How to mentor with the Magdalene order
  • Prayer circle ceremony
  • Activation

It is your soul ready for this quantum leap? See you in the other side.

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Greetings Sandra!

I just listened to the replay for your circle about the Magdalene lineage and working with Mary Magdalene.

Thank you for that phenomenal transmission by the way. 

Very powerful. It resonated deeply and profoundly."


“It is the first time since I started my healing journey that I have joined a group coming together with "only" sisters and I got tears in my eyes feeling the presence of us all coming together. And my heart wow did she beat fast.

Meeting more deeply in sisterhood is something that I have been praying for and feeling it unfolding for the first tie like this, I don't even have words for of how grateful I am.

Thank you, thank you, thank you"


"Hi sis

I just wish to send you a big bunch of gratitude and hugs for the meeting earlier today.

WOW are you a powerful oracle and inspiration.”


Mary Anne

"Thank you sister

Looking forward to this, I listened to the replayed I am feeling so much resonance. Absolutely blown away by your heart, vulnerability, and your channel. Thank you."